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(Charles, Erik, Photo)

Aaaaand, this one. :D

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Erik takes coins from fountains so wishes don’t come true

and he changes clocks when he visits houses

Because Erik’s a little shit

(Charles, Erik, photo)

! What an awesome cosplay!

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What are you!

Swag. Nazi-killin’ swag.

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Ink Drawings of Famous European Cities by Sunga Park



Anonymous said: 9-11-10 ---> are you planning to make Charles get injured and/or disabled in this fic?

Hi anon - thanks for your ask!

And behind the cut we go, for serious business.

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Anonymous said: How much research goes into 9 11 10? Do you think you spend more time planning/plotting than you do writing the fic? <3 from a shy and curious anon!

*pets shy and curious anon* There’s a lot of research in there, sure, but it happens as I write - so the two shake out about even, time-wise!

Anonymous said: Hiii! I have 2 questions, hope that's OK :) Is there a scene, scentence or dialogue you are particularly proud of or is your favourite? 2) Who is your favourite secondary character? Thank you!

1) The line I’m probably the proudest of is:

"The sod was going to have to be careful. Careful. How the fuck was Charles going to teach him to be bloody careful? The only endowment Pavlov had to be careful of was that of the Institute of Experimental Medicine. And had that been anything to write home about?”

… hee. Horrible pun iz horrible. :D :D

2) It’s so, so difficult to choose a favorite secondary character! Argh! Is Jean one? b/c then: her, obvs. But if she’s primary, thennnn … *headdesk*

Then it’s a three-way tie between Azazel, Logan, Armando, and Moira. Gah. Four-way. Sorry to be so indecisive - but I love them all!

Anonymous said: Okay, this question has been rattling around in my brain for a bit, even more so after the reveal at the end of the last chapter. Thus far Erik has only shown sexual interest in Charles. My question is this: is this because your Erik registers somewhere on the ace spectrum (only being attracted to Charles), or is this behavior a side effect of Frost's prolonged influence on his mind? Also, would he have been interested in Frost's advances at all, or was it entirely owing to mental coercion?

Thanks for your question, anon. Thinking about it …

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Anonymous said: First time anon! Having recently re-read the post-shower fallout scene(s), I'm wondering if Erik's Jewishness will be more important as the fic progresses? I'm really intrigued, is what I'm trying to say :)

Hi first time anon! :D I’m glad you asked. To answer your question: yes, Erik’s Jewishness will become more important in part IV. More specifically: how will it affect him to realize/gradually remember what it is that he has lost? and that has been taken from him? I can’t say much more without getting spoil-tastic.

rozf said: I can't actually do reader appreciation on some of my favorite stuff you're writing because you're still anon, but maybe I'll ask this. Are any of them being thought about right now? (You know the ones I mean.)

Thought about, & wallowed in guilt about. :/ Sorry!

*goes to hide beneath table*

Anonymous said: How did you plan out 9-11-10 and in how much detail? Has the plan changed a lot since you began? Theme music for Charles or Erik (or characters besides)?

Hi anon,

Glad to get your note. There’s a bit more on the theme music question - or, at least, a music one - a few answers down. I wanted specifically to reply to the second of your three questions, because … holy cats, the plot has changed!

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amaranthineinadream said: Hellooo! How are you? For 9 11 10 in regards to planning/plotting I was wondering if you have a stash of notes/word documents and such for planning and how far in advance you've planned things? If you've plotted everything before you began writing? (I'm awful at organizing myself and keeping documents for planning my stories so I'm wondering how you manage to keep yourself organized and motivated to write.) As well as any major plot holes (that aren't spoilers) you had to fix while writing?

Thanks for your note! To answer your question … everything’s outlined! (with some of the in-between chapters in a more fragmentary state than those with Big Reveals.)

Jump beneath the cut for a bit more …

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Anonymous said: Are there any specific inspirations you have for writing 9-11-10 (photos, music, etc.)? Are there any images you have in mind for the appearances of Charles, Erik, or any other characters? I do love my visual aids, and am curious as to whether you use them or just the power of *~imagination~* :)

 and half of another anon's ask was …


Theme music for Charles or Erik (or characters besides)?


:D Thanks for your notes, guys!

I have specific musical inspirations for specific scenes. Like, this one actually isn’t for the Rage & Serenity scene, in my head - but rather, for that penultimate big one at the end of part III. I’ll tell you when I get there.

As for images … yes, precioussss, yes! Let’s go behind the cut, shall we?

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Сначала было что-то вроде “Эхыхы, вороны, обожаю, блять, рисовать ворон”, а потом “Ох ёб твои карусели” и оказалось, что это 9 11 10, вот. 
А ещё я постарался не превращать замок Эрика в Макдоналдс, но лол. 

like holyyyyyyyyy smokes, THIS. Amazing! I love the intricate details, and the balancing of dark and light, blue and red and white. Each raven with a different personality, it seems. And is that Erik’s mind castle?

… Now I’ll just sit here, gnawing my fingernails as to what the Russian says. :D

the-piper-of-hameln said: Here's a question: Writing epic fic takes a long time. What are some of the hardest things you've had to contend with to make it happen? What are some of the things that help keep you going?

and from mir-rcha:


… Do you have a fixed amount of words you aim to write a day? Or is it more of an inspiration strike?


Hi to both of you! Thanks for the asks.

Jump under the cut for length.

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