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British Library

I walked completely around the King’s Library Tower, not easy through the cafe traffic, marveling at the display. It is good to be in the presence of books.

I miss it so muuuuuch

but that café has some super expensive cake. *pouts*




British Library

I walked completely around the King’s Library Tower, not easy through the cafe traffic, marveling at the display. It is good to be in the presence of books.

I miss it so muuuuuch

but that café has some super expensive cake. *pouts*

Anonymous said: meme: About 9 11 10 - (please ignore this if it's considered too spoiler-ish) will Raven make an appearance and will she and Charles ever re-unite? Also, about Deep Cover - which ending was your favorite?

:D Thanks for the ask, anon.

Raven will indeed make an appearance. No word on the re-unification, though, b/c … spoilers.

As for “Deep Cover,” my favorite ending is the Noir one (the real “happy ending”)!

(Although if I want dirtybadwrong, honestly, Creepy ending (Erik wins) is up there - thanks, in no small part, to the deeeeeeeply disturbing art asix-oud made, referencing it.


= me curling up in a corner and rocking back and forth, unable to look away …)

ETA: kernezelda … honestly? I think it could be many reasons, ranging from a deeply cruel punishment (you like those, do you? then say good-bye to them); to a patient, authoritative re-ordering of Charles’ priorities (you should be focused on me, not on books); to … utter and complete control. Erik takes special care to read aloud to Charles, after all.


Anonymous said: What's your favorite sex/intimate scene that you've written? Alternately, which one was the most satisfying to write, or which one are you most proud of?

[[ Along with this ask from another anon:

What’s your process for writing, uh, more ‘intimate’ scenes? Y’know what I mean? *raises eyebrow suggestively* ]]

Hi anons!

Uhhhh. The process?

(cut for length)

(no, not that length, sheesh. ;)

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Anonymous said: Hello, Subtilior! How do you decide which characters should exist in the story's universe and how old they should be? For a fic that's based off of First Class, there are a lot of incorporated characters from the wider canon, which I think is SO COOL! I also like that you play with ages a bit: Ororo is grouped together w/ Bobby, John and a younger (?) version of Sean while Jean, Scott and Kurt are children

[[This was also asked by another anon:

What’s the rational behind incorporating characters from the greater marvel universe into 9 11 10? What about the age-play for certain characters (for example, teenage Ororo and child Jean)? I love, love, love the creative liberties you’ve taken, by the way :)            ]]

Hi anons! Thanks for your questions!

I’ve been puzzling about how to answer, and I guess the best way of doing it is … saying how much I liked the school dynamic in X2, particularly - all the students working together when they came under attack.

(cut for my rambling.)

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Anonymous said: I've always wanted to message you but have been too shy till now! I don't want to put you on the spot, but seeing as there will be a major character death in part IV do you think you could maybe give me some options as to who it could be JUST SO I CAN BRACE MYSELF? Sorry if this is too spoilery :/

Hello, hello, anon! Glad to hear from you.

I’ll make it clear in the note for Part IV (when I post “major character death”) - it’s “major characters” as in this fic. i.e.: possibilities include …

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Anonymous said: Hey there~ What's more difficult (or enjoyable) to write: Charles' internal monologuing or dialogue? Are certain characters more time-consuming to write for? Cheers!

Snerk. (Revealing question is revealing?) Charles’ internal monologue is hard to rein in. I hope it worked, in ch. 36 (or 37?) - having Scott ask him if he’s crazy make Charles dial down the whole talking-to-himself thing. (It’s the effect of isolation & imprisonment, yeah, but still: hard to corral.)

Emma/Charles interactions are difficult to write, because I want their relationship to progress in a realistic way. You know, realistic - in all of its chained-up, coerced, telepathic shakedown/cagematch-tastic glory.

Anonymous said: Who do you consider the most despicable character in the 9-11-10 universe??

Most obviously and hideously despicable? Stryker, oh and Shaw of course. Ugh.

'Greatest consequences for the fic universe set-up' despicable? Shaw.

Cardboard cut-out despicable? Slade, Party of Purity.

Most in-depth despicable?

… Emma. Oh god, Emma, Emma, Emma. o____O

Anonymous said: Is there anything in 9-11-10 that you found/find difficult to write about subject matter-wise?

Yep. Issues of mind control, bodily control, autonomy, liberty, abuse, etc., aside …

… the scene that did it for me was the one when Erik pulled out Charles’ tooth. I was honestly screeching, “No, no, NO, NO,” as I wrote. :P

This is because I bit a tooth in half when I faceplanted on a hard floor in elementary school … and the memories (and dental visits) have … been potent, ever since. :P

Anonymous said: Tilly!! Will there be... more action scenes... because, oh gosh, you write them well! (Anon just for fun~)


… snerk. Seriously … yes. There will be many. many many. many many MANY more action scenes. (You might even get some next chapter!)

Anonymous said: Ooooh, now I'm curious! What books and films have thus far influenced the story? LotR and the Matrix, I think?

:) Books … welp, too many books to regurgitate here, really. And books’ acting in RL, too - Frost’s campaigns I got from the memory of watching my brothers reenact the USA’s Civil War … with Legos, and each map in the Civil War book series we got from the library. (Grey spines; glossy pages.)

One movie, though, that really inspired me is: A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles) based off the book by Japrisot, & directed by Jeunet.


The influence is not in terms of the plot, precisely, although I like to think that the two have in common themes of love, and loss, and memory. But rather, the overarching juxtaposition of the vast war and the domestic scene - and the sense of a plot clicking together like teeth of a zipper, at the very end - that effect, at the end, is what I want. It’s one of my favorite things! That, I guess, is why I have a hankering for lonnnnng plots, and all those loaded revolvers onstage.

That and Badalamenti’s score is so. damn. juicy!

I mean, come on: just listen. TWOO WUV.

Anonymous said: Jesus Mary and Joseph, how LONG does if take you to research for 9.11.10?! I imagine you shut away in you room for MONTHS with all the details you work in for world building; it seems like crazy dedication! What are your research sources?

Holy St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse! ;) It takes a long time to write; longer than it should … and than it did. Sigh.

This is mostly because I go off on tangents in my interests. The research happens in fits and starts, really. I draw off a lot of what I’ve read/dabbled in, but then all of a sudden I’ll be like, “Shit, what does the air feel like in Las Vegas?” and then I’ll spam fandom friends with questions. To say nothing of all the translation-related pestering I do!

I, uh, consult wikipedia, and the marvel wiki, and - and - hm. Lots of different books and films! I told Spicy about this, I think, but smaller-scale location research is also (basically) Places I Remember. Thus Charles’ room at the manor = a poky (formerly monastic) cell I kipped out in when I visited a town in Belgium, once. And the manor kitchen = a place from school. Things like that.

Finally, I do not just stay in my room. *sniff* I have been known to walk to jostle a plot point loose - and people tend to stay away from me … not only when I try out bits of dialogue under my breath, but also when I start windmilling the arms. ;)

Anonymous said: Are there any B&TB plot beats that we can maybe expect to show up in the future???

YES! Expect allll the plot beats! And maybe even some additional (stolen) lines!

Anonymous said: What is the very last sentence of 9 11 10?

Heh. Really?

… really?

Jump behind the cut! (I took out the spoiler-iffic name and another noun, so not sure how good it’s gonna be. ;)

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Anonymous said: Hello! A question for audience participation: over what amount of time does the entire plot of 9-11-10 (i.e. the events directly involving Charles) take place? A year? A couple of months? And: do you think you'll provide a comprehensive timeline upon the fic's completion? Thanks so much for writing such a great fic!

Cheers, anon!

I have a comprehensive timeline, of both the fic!present and the past (stretching back to 1928, with 1908 as an outlier, w00t.) I can make it available at the end, if people would like!

The entirety of 9 11 10 takes place over the course of a year, a week, and a day. ;) More seriously, I always intended the fic to end on Erev Yom Kippur. In the Gregorian calendar year 1970, that’s October 9.

mir-rcha said: Heey! So, the first question: how many chapters are there till the end of the part three?

There’s six more chapters, and an epilogue, left in Part III. Here’s the updated chart!image